‘High quality earthing and protection services’


Mission Statement

As one of the leading Earthing solution provider firms based in the North West we are constantly striving for quality and attention to detail, you will not be disappointed with our  services.

Our highly committed and trained workforce are dedicated to our quality management systems and company procedures that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our client base is testament to the quality of workmanship we provide to our valued customers, we have provided our service to large organizations such as:

       Denbighshire County Council

       Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

       M J Quinn Electrical ( Merseyside)

       MJN Colston (Midlands)

       H.M. Prison Service

       The ‘Beetham Tower’ Manchester ‘Tallest Residential tower in the U.K.’


Manchester Evening News report shows just how effective our lightning protection system is.

Lightning strikes Beetham Tower

The very fabric of any protection systems is only as good as the earthing system that delivers the energy to ground.  Earthing is a specialist field and requires experience and knowledge in all manner of conditions to achieve the ultimate protection system. Without due consideration, the entire network of equipment and it’s protection devices may be rendered useless as the energy strives to find the best potential earth.

Storm has developed many varied skills in achieving quality earthing systems at affordable prices. The primary function of an earthing network is to provide a solid and continuous connection to the general mass of earth.  When designing a earthing network, the characteristics determining the effectiveness of an earth electrode or group of earthing components is the impedance which it provides between the earthing system and that general mass of earth.

Our experience in recognizing the influencing factors of earth impedance by recognizing the following generic principles such as:  the resistance and surge impedance of the earth electrode system and the connecting conductors, the contact resistance between the earthing components and the surrounding earth mass, the resisitivity of the earth mass surrounding the earthing components, and  the degree of earth ionization.

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