‘High quality earthing and protection services’


About us

Welcome to Storm lightning Protection web site, Storm lightning Protection strives to provide a personal bespoke service to customers throughout the United Kingdom.

We provide, install and offer a wide range of lightning and earthing systems spanning from

gelbase_bullet2   Aluminium Earthing & Lighting Accessories
gelbase_bullet2   Anti-Static Earth Clamps
gelbase_bullet2   Conductive Concrete
gelbase_bullet2   Copper Earth Rods
gelbase_bullet2   Copper Earth Strapping
gelbase_bullet2   Copper Earthing Accessories
gelbase_bullet2   Earth Bar Insulators
gelbase_bullet2   Earth Bars
gelbase_bullet2   Earth Continuity Meters
gelbase_bullet2   Earthing Copper Strips

gelbase_bullet2   Earthing Exothermic Connections
gelbase_bullet2   Earthing Systems
gelbase_bullet2   Flat Copper Conductors
gelbase_bullet2   Lightning Arrestors
gelbase_bullet2   Lightning Conductors
gelbase_bullet2   Lightning Protection Finials & Base Plates
gelbase_bullet2   Lightning Protection Systems
gelbase_bullet2   Soil Resistivity Surveys
gelbase_bullet2   Stranded Earthing Copper Conductors

Our Approach

We are great believers in customer service and the majority of our business is gained through word of mouth.  If you would like one of our experienced staff to contact you with further information please use our contact page.


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